La soluzione di budgeting, pianificazione e analisi che migliora la velocità, l'accuratezza e l'agilità

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Risparmia tempo, aumenta la precisione e promuovi l'agilità nel budgeting e nella pianificazione

Leave disconnected spreadsheets and broken formulas behind. With Prophix One’s in-memory processing, you can leverage quick and precise multi-dimensional planning and analysis. Quickly build and maintain your financial models to drive agility and craft insightful what-if scenarios that align your business and prepare you for the future.

Capitalize on centralized security and calculations to streamline data entry, save time with setup and ensure users only see what they should. Prophix One Financial Planning and Analysis greatly simplifies data collection, versioning, and consolidations in your FP&A process, saving you time and money.

Promuovi la collaborazione e ottimizza il lavoro di squadra

Experience the ease of budgeting and planning with Prophix One, where real-time collaboration meets automated efficiency. Set up your budget planning templates once, and Prophix One takes care of the rest. Your budgets are automatically distributed, and all changes are tracked in an audit trail for complete transparency and control.

Prophix One simplifies real-time collaboration across your entire team. With the ability to set owners and multiple approvers of tasks while helping team members adhere to timelines with reminders and deadlines, Prophix One keeps everyone engaged and aligned within a unified financial planning process.

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Personalizza il tuo approccio alla pianificazione

Prophix One provides the flexibility to customize your planning models to match your business needs with its cash flow and integrated financial planning solution. Regardless of if you plan “top-down” or “bottom-up,” you can plan your way.

Have the freedom to contribute to budgets, approve plans and manipulate your numbers using software you are most comfortable with. Whether you prefer the feature-rich web interface or appreciate the familiarity and convenience of Microsoft Excel® via the Microsoft 365 Add-in, financial modeling, workflow and reporting automation capabilities will ensure you are budgeting and planning faster and more accurately than ever.

Ottimizza il budget e la pianificazione migliorando al contempo la collaborazione

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Riduci i processi manuali che portano a ritardi, errori e perdite di dati.

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Trasforma l'accuratezza del budget e della pianificazione.

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Aumenta la flessibilità grazie ad una pianificazione top-down e bottom-up.

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Risparmia tempo eliminando i fogli di calcolo a rischio di errore.

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Sperimenta il workflow FP&A integrato.

Una soluzione per ogni leader

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Chief Financial Officer

Fornisci una chiara visione dei dati per aiutare la tua organizzazione a governare le performance finanziarie ed essere preparato a gestire il futuro.

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Analista finanziario

Diventa un consigliere affidabile attraverso insight significativi e prepara i tuoi leader per il futuro.

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Responsabile del business

Prevedi i tuoi ricavi e gestisci i costi per promuovere la crescita e l'agilità dell'azienda.

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Fatto per i leader finanziari

Discover Prophix One and unlock your potential for success.

Unifica, organizza e analizza i tuoi dati.

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Consolidato più rapido, accurato e sicuro.

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Accelera i processi finanziari e migliora la collaborazione.

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Insight e automazione intelligenti basati sull'AI.

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Potenzia il budgeting e la pianificazione con Microsoft 365.

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Prophix One Workflow aligns all of your budget stakeholders into a single, unified budgeting process. To meet the unique needs of each budget owner, Prophix One provides the flexibility to input data either in Prophix One’s web interface or in Excel, via Contributor. Regardless of how you choose to enter your budget, data is automatically incorporated into your Financial Planning and Analysis planning model – no need to review multiple spreadsheets to aggregate data from multiple stakeholders. Data aggregation is automatic, and approvals are built in.

Version control is simplified in Prophix One, allowing budget owners to lock down the versions that users don’t have access to and easily update templates and reports so that users can only see the correct version.

Spreading in Financial Planning and Analysis is automatic. Users simply input the numbers they want at a summary level and are prompted to confirm how they want it spread to the lowest level (e.g., evenly, based on actuals, etc.). Other data manipulation capabilities allow for the flexibility to make uniform adjustments or accomplish more complex spreading that factors in multiple parameters.


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