Analizza e prevedi i flussi di cassa in modo affidabile

La pianificazione della liquidità ti fornisce gli strumenti per pianificare e allocare le tue risorse, gestire il capitale circolante e ottimizzare l'utilizzo della liquidità in modo da far girare il tuo business agilmente.

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Migliora il processo decisionale

Automate cash planning with robust formulas or make on-the-fly adjustments to cash inflows and outflows. Simplify your cash-flow tracking with Prophix One and use accurate, timely information as the foundation of your decision-making.

Rispondi ai rischi in modo proattivo, non reattivo

Visualize your data in a report or using AI Insights to easily see changes, like seasonal fluctuations or gaps in cash flow, so you can spot risks and take action before it’s too late.

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Supporta la sostenibilità a lungo termine con la pianificazione della liquidità

Multi-year cash planning in Prophix One gives you the tools you need to protect your cash inflows – and put in measures to time your cash outflows – so you can see how your money is moving or identify opportunities for growth.

Fai una previsione affidabile dei tuoi flussi

Understanding your cash flow planning means you can be more transparent with reporting projections. Prophix One automates the sharing of forward-looking projects to external stakeholders so you can focus on building relationships and bolstering confidence in your business.

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Fornisci un quadro chiaro della posizione di cassa della tua azienda

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Quickly adjust operational expenditures and investment strategies based on changing market conditions.

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Use cash planning to maximize your existing capital and reduce the need for external financing.

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Set financial performance benchmarks to measure against your cash management strategy.

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Proactively manage your cash reserves to prevent liquidity issues.

Una soluzione per ogni leader

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Chief Financial Officer

Fornisci una chiara visione dei dati per aiutare la tua organizzazione a governare le performance finanziarie ed essere preparato a gestire il futuro.

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Automatizza i processi e sblocca le tue potenzialità con l'analisi on-demand e il monitoraggio dei cash flow.

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Analista finanziario

Diventa un consigliere affidabile attraverso insight significativi e prepara i tuoi leader per il futuro.

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Project manager

Proteggi i tuoi margini di profitto attraverso una maggiore visibilità dei tuoi costi e fatturazioni.

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Fatto per i leader finanziari

Discover Prophix One and unlock your potential for success.

Pianifica con maggiore velocità, precisione e agilità.

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Be prepared for what-if with predictive, data-driven forecasting.

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Personalized Dashboards to understand performance and drive behavior.

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Insight e automazione intelligenti basati sull'AI.

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Prophix One gives you the precision and control to set up automated calculations that feed into your cash flow budgets, like cash from operations or investments. Once the automated changes are in place, you only need to account for cash activities that aren’t automated, like certain financing or investment activities.

Yes. The Prophix One Microsoft 365 Add-In easily integrates with Microsoft 365 applications so you can keep your complex model in Excel and use Prophix One Analyzer to write the results back to Prophix One.

Prophix One has built-in security and data access, allowing you to add and configure the access for each stakeholder. Add the users and configure their access to contribute to one section of the cash plan, the entire budgeting and planning process, or anywhere in between.


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