Una soluzione per consolidare in modo più veloce, preciso e sicuro

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Semplifica la complessità del bilancio consolidato

Prophix One Financial Consolidation was developed by experts who understand the unique requirements for a streamlined month-end close process. Leveraging best practices, it removes the complexity of consolidation by automating processes like multi-currency translations and sub–consolidation, ensuring multi-GAAP and IFRS compliance and much more to reduce the need for expensive customizations. Regardless of your group structure, depth, or unique chart of accounts, Prophix can execute complex account consolidations in seconds for faster insights that drive better business outcomes.

Report di audit integrati e personalizzabili

The need for transparency and data traceability is paramount. Financial Consolidation enables the creation of detailed and fully customizable audit reports when needed, simplifying and expediting internal or external audit processes and significantly decreasing the cost and resources spent on audits. By providing user licenses specifically tailored for auditors and a library of configurable audit report templates, Prophix One gives auditors the tools and transparency to self-serve and streamline the audit process ensuring the accuracy and integrity of your consolidated financial statements.

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Integra e automatizza la raccolta dei dati tra i vari sistemi aziendali

No matter whether your company is dispersed across different regions, currencies, or business systems, your data collection is made easy. With an easy-to-use interface, Financial Consolidation simplifies the data exchange between our platform and other business systems without involving IT. Using automated imports, integrations, and validation rules, you have complete visibility and control over your data throughout the entire consolidation process resulting in quality consolidated financial reporting.

Ottimizza il closing eliminando i processi manuali

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Consolida rapidamente tutte le legal entity ovunque si trovino.

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Elimina gli errori nella raccolta dei dati da diversi sistemi di contabilità.

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Conduci facilmente gli audit grazie alla completa tracciabilità dei dati.

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Consolida più rapidamente grazie all'automazione dei processi e della raccolta.

Una soluzione per ogni leader

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Chief Financial Officer

Fornisci una chiara visione dei dati per aiutare la tua organizzazione a governare le performance finanziarie ed essere preparato a gestire il futuro. 

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Automatizza i processi e sblocca le tue potenzialità con l'analisi on-demand e il monitoraggio dei cash flow.

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Responsabile del Consolidato

Raggiungi gli obiettivi di conformità e reporting con una maggiore sicurezza dei dati per accelerare le decisioni aziendali.

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Fatto per i leader finanziari

Discover Prophix One and unlock your potential for success.

Aumenta l'accuratezza dei dati e l'efficienza di reporting, consentendoti di dedicare più tempo a preziose analisi. 

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Automatizza la riconciliazione, il consolidato e il reporting per un closing più preciso. 

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Ottimizza le riconciliazioni interaziendali per chiusure più rapide e accurate.

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Accelera il tuo processo di closing e ottieni risultati affidabili.

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Potenzia la capacità di modellazione e pianificazione finanziaria di Excel e crea presentazioni in PowerPoint di grande impatto.

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Yes, Financial Consolidation was designed with an audit perspective in mind. It allows for full auditability of data changes and provides complete audit reports.

Financial Consolidation helps to reduce manual tasks. Users can automate data imports, consolidations, elimination entries, allocations, currency conversions, and report assembly, report distribution and more.

Anomaly Detection uses the power of machine learning to analyze general ledger and sub-ledger transactions (accounts receivable, accounts payable, and subsidiary ledgers) to provide you with deep analysis of your data to uncover outliers, errors, and possible fraud to expedite their resolution for a faster close using clean data.


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