Preparati ad affrontare tutti i possibili scenari con previsioni basate sui dati

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Fai previsioni più frequenti

As forecasting demands have become more complex, the days of static or fixed forecasts are over. Rolling forecasts allow you to work with constantly updated data to reflect even the slightest changes in your business or market dynamics. By leveraging live actuals, historical forecasts in the system, carry-forward capabilities, and the flexibility to apply assumptions at any level, Prophix One makes it quick and easy to create and evolve rolling forecasts. Gain greater insight into the future and stay ahead of your competition with rolling forecasts by Prophix One.

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Prophix One Data Integration automatically pulls data from multiple sources to create accurate forecasts. Instead of entering data manually or referencing other sources, Prophix One does the work for you, pulling actual, planned, and forecasted data into a single location so that you can apply your latest assumptions and easily quantify trending and business realities.

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Migliora la collaborazione e l'efficienza

Prophix One simplifies collaboration across your entire team. With the ability to set owners and approvers of tasks while helping team members adhere to deadlines with reminders, all stakeholders are constantly informed and aligned in a unified planning process.

Easily extend the power of Prophix One planning across the organization with Microsoft Excel. Occasional contributors have the flexibility and convenience to populate their data entry templates using Microsoft Excel, review and approve versions, and submit their data back to your central Prophix One model as part of an integrated workflow.

Pianifica e fai previsioni in modo agile

Prophix One provides the flexibility to customize your planning models to match your business needs. Regardless if you plan “top-down” or “bottom-up,” you can plan your way.

Plus, you’ll have the freedom to contribute to update forecasts, approve plans and manipulate your numbers using the software you are most comfortable with. Whether you prefer the feature-rich Prophix One web interface or appreciate the familiarity and convenience of Microsoft Excel, Prophix One planning automation capabilities will ensure you are budgeting and planning faster and more accurately than ever before.

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Migliora la velocità e l'accuratezza delle previsioni

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Previsioni più frequenti in meno tempo.

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Aumenta la precisione delle previsioni per supportare meglio gli obiettivi aziendali.

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Aumenta la flessibilità grazie ad una pianificazione top-down e bottom-up.

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Risparmia tempo eliminando i fogli di calcolo a rischio di errore.

Una soluzione per ogni leader del processo di forecasting

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Chief Financial Officer

Fornisci una chiara visione dei dati per aiutare la tua organizzazione a governare le performance finanziarie ed essere preparato a gestire il futuro.

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Analista finanziario

Diventa un consigliere affidabile attraverso insight significativi e prepara i tuoi leader per il futuro.

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Responsabile del business

Prevedi i tuoi ricavi e gestisci i costi per promuovere la crescita e l'agilità dell'azienda.

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Fatto per i leader finanziari

Discover Prophix One and unlock your potential for success.

Pianifica con maggiore velocità, precisione e agilità.

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Unifica, organizza e analizza i tuoi dati.

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Potenzia la capacità di modellazione e pianificazione finanziaria di Excel e crea presentazioni in PowerPoint di grande impatto.

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Sì. A seconda della strategia aziendale, puoi creare previsioni finali e rolling per qualsiasi periodo di tempo. Ad esempio, a metà del tuo anno fiscale, puoi vedere i dati effettivi dei dodici mesi precedenti e le previsioni mese per mese per i dodici mesi successivi.

Sì, puoi creare le tue previsioni utilizzando una combinazione di dati storici e dati pianificati. Ad esempio, puoi creare una nuova previsione per il secondo trimestre utilizzando i valori effettivi dell'anno scorso e i valori effettivi del primo trimestre.

Yes, Prophix One gives you complete control over your reports, including the ability to forecast out at a summary level. For example, you can create a report to view a month-by-month breakdown of actual and budgeted data for your current fiscal year, and summary totals for projections on a year-by-year basis for the next five years.


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